Chilerad: Company that facilitates quality care

Technological platform

Teleradiology has been improving in line with advances in the areas of IT (information technology), which today any medical center that has digital images and internet service can add it as a medical support tool, without requiring investments in additional medical or informatic equipment.

In this context, Ariel Rojas, general manager of Chilerad., emphasizes that the company is in all of Chile, with high-level medical professionals and specialty in the area of ​​imaging, who attend patients in each of the regions. And this is how Chilerad has developed a stable technological platform locally and with a friendly interface, which allows users to intuitively enter, monitor and receive the reports generated by their specialist doctors. “Our platform is complete with the standards of computer and medical security, to guarantee the maximum reliability of our reports.

Platform that operates with HL7 standard, and with ORU and ORM format to integrate with our clients’ RIS and PACS. We have our own web viewer and 24/7 “telephone and remote support.

 medical support

Chilerad professionals emphasize that the company supports the medical team of each institution, where there are no face-to-face radiological doctors, it allows them to have this important diagnostic service and, in places where they already have a radiologist, be a complement to their important medical work , assisting in periods of high workload and / or vacations, also to the attending physician since we provide them with a clear medical diagnosis regarding the images requested to fix the best treatment. ”Dr. Linderman assures.

Among the comparative advantages that Chilerad has in reactions to other companies that offer the same services, it details that the company has 10 years of experience dedicated exclusively to imaging. “The company was founded by four radiological doctors with extensive experience. Today we remain involved in the direction and strategy of the company, with the challenge of maintaining high standards of medical quality and compliance.” It should be noted that Chilerad was founded in 2006 when these medical professionals in the area of ​​radiology realized that there was a growing need for quality and timely care in the areas of teleradiology, and that the invaluable medical contribution and diagnosis that it manages to deliver. And add: “today, we have a medical staff of 30 radiological doctors, covering the requirements of general radiology and the most demanded subspecialties, such as neurorradiology, musculoskeletal, pediatrics, body and oncology.”